Dr Babendererde

Digital world


Realistic images of the oral cavity using a scan


High-resolution images with less radiation exposure


We produce (almost) no waste - out of love for nature

Virtual briefing

Plan & therapy discussion without leaving the couch

Therapy planning

See what the end result looks like today

Luxurious. Precise. Environmentally friendly.

See the final results today ...

In addition to caries diagnostics, we check your teeth with an X-ray and analyse the function of your temporomandibular joint to make sure you are ready for orthodontic treatment. If the requirements are met, we will show you your personalised before/after simulation.

Advice for the new generation

We offer personalised advice via video in real-time communication, which can be accessed flexibly from home or on the move using a PC or mobile device. Including all interactive presentations. Contacting us is as easy as possible for you: all you need is Internet access and a standard browser, the software is free of charge and can be installed in no time at all.

Make yourself comfortable. With a cup of coffee on your couch or with an orange juice on a bench in the city park - whatever you prefer.

We start in 3... 2... 1... Start!

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