Dr Babendererde

Removable braces

It is often the little things that make a big difference.

The early bird catches the worm ...

With this type of appliance, the force exerted by the jaw muscles when chewing, swallowing and speaking is redirected to the teeth and jaw and used for correction. However, this is only possible during the growth phase in children.

So it's never too early to come to us!

Design by Lisa ...

Let your child design their very own personalised braces. We offer a large selection of colours, accessories and motifs for even more wonderful moments. After all, your child's first braces are as precious a memory as their first baby shoe.

The magic is in the detail!

Various wires are embedded in the plastic plates so that the braces can hold on to the teeth. Built-in springs, screws and other mechanisms allow teeth to be moved, crowding to be resolved and gaps to be closed. In this way, for example, an upper jaw that is too narrow can be stretched or a severe overbite can be reduced.

If milk teeth are lost early, the braces act as a space maintainer and thus ensure easier eruption of the permanent teeth later on.

You can find the A to Z for removable braces under "Service" in "Downloads".

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