Dr Babendererde

Fixed braces

"One man - one case" Because Mona Lisa wasn't painted by five masters either ...

Timeless IN

Fixed braces, whether colourful or inconspicuous, are a real all-rounder and look like a fashion accessory.

While braces make adults feel like teenagers again, they are a sign of adolescents growing up.

Made in Germany

The promise of quality and the appeal of "Made in Germany" are more in demand and appreciated than ever in today's market. As a guarantor of innovation and a synonym for trust, the seal of quality reflects our striving for the highest quality and precision as well as our ambition and performance. This is why we almost exclusively use products "Made in Germany".

The art of modern orthodontics

An orthodontist is an aesthete and, to a certain extent, an artist who strives for perfection. Each master applies his or her own special "brushstroke" until the overall effect is just right. This can take time... This is often the case in practices with several practitioners. There is a lack of coordination and often also a lack of an overall concept.

For a happy selfie, the alliance between you and the practitioner is very important. Dr Ortwin Babendererde accompanies you from the very beginning and knows your wishes best.

To make your smile truly a masterpiece, as unique and perfect as you are, entrust yourself to just one person.

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